Friday 15 December 2017

Lindsay Lohan wants a fresh start

Lindsay Lohan has left rehab
Lindsay Lohan has left rehab

Lindsay Lohan is keen to revive her Hollywood career, director Paul Schrader has revealed.

The troubled actress - who has just left rehab after a court-ordered 90 days stay - makes her big-screen comeback in thriller The Canyons alongside porn actor James Deen and Gus Van Sant, which will have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

"We text about once a week, because she can't speak on the phone. Usually I text with her on Sunday - that's when she gets alone time to do that - and she's coming to Venice with us, and she's gonna make a real go at it," Schrader told Vulture.

He added: "I keep hearing good things, that she looks great and that she feels great, and so, you know, fingers crossed."

Part of the shoot was chronicled in a New York Times article, which focused on Lindsay rather than the rest of the film.

"The writer came in before Lindsay was involved, and he was gonna do an article about new paradigms for filmmaking. After Lindsay got involved, his angle switched to, 'We're gonna do a film about the new Lindsay'," Paul said.

"I said to her. 'It's gonna be great for you! The New York Times is gonna be on set the whole day, and they're gonna see how responsible you are, and we'll put an end to all this talk about how you can't be hired'. Well, the new Lindsay didn't show up. The old Lindsay showed up. And the thing about the old Lindsay was that the film was effectively highjacked by her, but it was what it was."

The director added: "This movie has had two story lines, we're on our third storyline right now, and hopefully... the fourth one will be 'Lindsay has a career again'."

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