Saturday 16 December 2017

Lily Cole seduces a vicar and gets burnt at the stake in Sacrilige video

Belinda White

Who knew old goody-two-shoes-double-first-from-Cambridge, Lily Cole had it in her?

Red haired British model and actress, Lily Cole, plays an over amorous girl who gets her comeuppance in the video for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs latest single 'Sacrilege'.

The red haired British model, actress, environmental campaigner and rumoured love interest of Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, strips off and makes out with half the men - and one woman - in her town in the music video for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs latest single Sacrilige.

The end result of all this brazen sluttery is that Cole gets caught in bed with a vicar, chased through the streets, tied up, and burnt at the stake, which is where the film starts before skipping back in time to reveal how she ended up in this mess.

As each of her spurned lovers gather round the fire to watch Cole get her comeuppance, we get to see a lot of Lily making out, with men who are a lot older than her, wearing not a lot of clothes. If that's your cup of tea, hit the play button and get stuck in.

If it's not your cup of tea, hit the play button and minimise this screen - it's a great track either way.

Actress and model Lily Cole takes on a rauncy new role in music video
In the music video Lily makes out with half the men in the town
Video sees Lily make out with a lot of men who are older than her
Lily gets chased through the streets of the town by angry residents

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