Saturday 17 February 2018

Lady Victoria Hervey accused of 'hogging the red carpet' in Cannes

Lady Victoria Hervey - accused of hogging the red carpet
Lady Victoria Hervey - accused of hogging the red carpet
Security asked her to stop posing and to move off the red carpet.
Lady Victoria Hervey: Britain's answer to Paris Hilton
Lady Victoria Hervey was a poster girl for the IT girls of the 1990's
Lady Victoria Hervey wore the tackiest dress scene at Cannes

Belinda White

Don't you know who I am?: Former 'It' girl Lady Victoria Hervey almost ejected from the red carpet at last night's Blood Ties premiere in Cannes.

Remember the Nineties  when there wasn't a fancy party on earth that didn't have Lady Victoria Hervey on the guest list?

Britain's answer to Paris Hilton was the poster girl for the nauseating 'It Girl' phenomenon, rolling up with a gang of likeminded party-hardy posh totty anywhere there was even an outside chance of a photographer training his lens for the next Hello magazine exclusive.

Well, what a difference a decade makes. Last night at the Cannes Film Festival, poor old Hervey (hold the poor) was almost subjected to the ultimate celebrity humiliation - being ejected from the red carpet.

Turning up for the premiere of Blood Ties (before you ask, no, of course she's not in it) wearing quite literally the tackiest gold ensemble our Cannes-weary eyes have laid eyes on this past week (no mean feat when Elena Lenina's in town), Hervey put the 'It' into 'total tit' by being accused of 'hogging the red carpet'.

The 36-year-old of no fixed career, was repeatedly instructed by Cannes officials to 'move on' from the bank of photographers because,  maybe the stars of the film or at least somebody remotely connected to it, wanted to get their pictures taken, but carried on posing until one security guard could take no more and staged an intervention.

Cue one achingly embarrassing "don't you know who I am?", "non, nobody does, love" war of words between the two, before Hervey and her golden lace curtain gown were sent on their merry way.

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