Tuesday 24 October 2017

Kathryn Thomas: "Taxi driver secretly filmed me."

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The RTE presenter revealed the most "distressing experience" she's ever had in a taxi, in which she woke up in the back of the car and the driver was videoing her and a friend on his iPad.

TV star Kathryn Thomas was left horrified after she was filmed by a taxi driver who was driving her home from a night out. The incident took place following a night on the tiles with a pal when the pair dozed off in the back seat. They awoke to find the taxi driver was videoing them on his iPad.

The 34-year-old presenter said she did not have any grievance with taxi drivers in Ireland, but wished to highlight the need for caution among taxi users, especially women.

"I had heard stories before of people having different taxi experiences, but nothing like that had ever happened to me," she told The Herald. "It would not put me off getting a taxi on my own or anything like that. 95pc of the drivers in Dublin are great.

"The reason that I spoke about it was just to make people aware of the dangers."

The incident occurred when Kathryn was going back to her friend's house at approximately 3am. We were headed back to her place, which is outside the city, and were dozing in the back seat. After about 10 minutes, she woke up to realise the driver was videoing her on his iPad, while driving.

"When we told him to stop the car, he started to get aggressive, saying he had only been checking his GPS," added the Operation Transformation and Voice of Ireland host.

The taxi driver drove off, leaving the two friends on the side of the road and before they could get his full licence plate number. Kathryn describes the incident as a "distressing experience" and is encouraging people, especially women, to download a taxi app, such as HAILO.

Such apps allow customers to track their taxi right to their door on their phones, which records the taxi driver name and licence number.

"You put in your address, the nearest registered HAILS taxi takes the job and they are usually there is less than five minutes," explained the presenter. "It's the one I use all the time if I'm being picked up from my house."

John Usher, President of the Irish Taxi Drivers Federation, said he had never encountered such an incident in 40 years.

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