Sunday 21 April 2019

Jolie lusted after Colin Farrell before she met Pitt


He has long earned the reputation of Hollywood's biggest heartbreaker, but the latest news about Ireland's own Colin Farrell has got even the most seasoned Tinseltown gossip columnists spitting out their shots of wheatgrass.

The Los Angeles rumour mill is in overdrive with talk that the Castleknock native broke the heart of the world's most sought-after actress.

According to whispers around Tinseltown, it has recently been revealed that Angelina Jolie was infatuated with Farrell while filming Oliver Stone's 2004 swords-and-sandals epic Alexander.

Jolie, who regularly tops lists of the world's most desirable women, and who is more renowned for leaving a trail of broken-hearted men in her own path, is said to have finally met her match in Farrell.

Although he has since cleaned up his act, turning his back on alcohol and drugs more than five years ago, his bad-boy, whiskey-swilling charm is said to have driven the raven-haired star wild.

Jolie was said to have sent him sexy voicemails and videos, and they became physically involved while working together.

As the weeks went on, her feelings for him grew stronger and stronger but the Irish playboy was young, free and single and linked to other ladies, too, and the strength of her emotions were not reciprocated.

Jolie, who visited Ireland with Farrell to promote the film, is said to have tried every trick in the book to tame the In Bruges star – but to no avail.

Eventually the pair moved on to other projects and that is when Jolie met her husband Brad Pitt – on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith.

Since bursting on to the big screen, Farrell has earned a hardened reputation as the silver screen's most untameable heartthrob.

A-listers Britney Spears, Kate Beckinsale, supermodel Naomi Campbell, and Demi Moore have all fallen for his Irish charm. He also enjoyed a relationship with Trinity College student Muireann McDonnell.

He was married for four months in 2001 to actress Amelia Warner, a romance he described as "too fast, too young".

Although he is said to have no interest in marrying now, the 36-year-old Dubliner has two sons – James, nine, born to American model Kim Bordenave in 2003, and Henry, three, born in 2009 to Polish actress Alicja Bachleda, his co-star in the film Ondine.

In recent years, he has turned his life around from the days he was known as Hollywood's wildest partier, and can be seen jogging on Sandymount beach and attending yoga classes in a studio near his home. His healthy attitude has, he says, been inspired by his two sons.

"It was time. I was a 40-cigarette-a-day smoker, but I wasn't enjoying it. So, on my 34th birthday last year, I spent a day with a pack and consciously looked at every single puff until I smoked the last one at 11.55 that night," the actor reveals.

"I did a whole ritual thing by writing a letter to tobacco, giving it as much significance as I possibly could. I'm done with it," Farrell states.

On Christmas morning, he spent five hours visiting sick children in Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Crumlin.

Farrell did not inform any photographers or press about the trip and is said to have spent hours speaking to the parents of the ill children. Family members took to their Twitter pages to express their gratitude to the actor.

One wrote: "Just chatting with Colin Farrell, who is in with presents for the kids here in Crumlin. No TV/media, a gentleman and genuine."

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