Monday 19 February 2018

Joely opens up about sister's death

Joely Richardson struggled to come to terms with her sister's death
Joely Richardson struggled to come to terms with her sister's death

Joely Richardson has opened up about her struggle to come to terms with the death of her sister Natasha.

The former Nip/Tuck actress revealed that she was so grief-stricken after Natasha died in 2009 following a skiing accident that she shut herself off and ended up losing both friends and her relationship.

She told the Telegraph: "Tasha leaving us was just absolutely heartbreaking, and it was heartbreaking over a very long period of time.

"When you are close to someone, your whole take on life is very interconnected, however different you are, which we were. The added difficulty was something so intensely private being so public. Going into restaurants, an airport, a cafe - in a way it was a beautiful thing, that people cared about Tash enough to come up to me - but it was a constant onslaught of something I wasn't ready to accept for a long time. So I became very private and cut myself off."

Joely said the loss of her sister - who was married to actor Liam Neeson - was like " a giant explosion" which left " many casualties".

"A lot of my friends changed, my relationship went, everything went, life as I knew it."

But the star said that this year, four years after the tragedy, things have started to improve.

"I suddenly realised that enough time had gone by for me to accept that this was the new way of life and to really start embracing joy," she said.

After Natasha died, Joely left Nip/Tuck and returned to theatre. "I just wanted to go back to the absolute basics of how I started, which was theatre. No outside pressures, no cars, travel, trailers, make-up. Just going back to square one - and that proved my salvation," said the 48-year-old.

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