Saturday 25 November 2017

Jennifer Lopez says she’ll never get plastic surgery as she shines at 44

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

SINGER and actress Jennifer Lopez has said she will never go under the knife in order to maintain her youthful looks.

The star has continued to wow fans on American Idol with looks difficult for a woman half her age to pull off.

However in a new interview she has said she will let age take its course.

Speaking to Australian radio sation 2dayFM, she said she does ‘whatever it takes’ excercise and diet-wise to keep in shape.

But she rejected any suggestion that she could go under the knife. 

“I’m terrified of anything like that,” she said.

As for her famous behind, the star says she is constantly working to keep it in shape “as opposed to letting it get away and pulling it back with a knife.”

“I think you can do it with eating healthy things and working out,” she said.

The ‘Jenny from the block’ singer even admitted that she has fat days like everyone else.

However she joked: “When you have those days, you dress for those days.”

Actress/singer Jennifer Lopez poses

She also admitted during the interview that she believes her love life struggles stem from men being intimidated by her fame.

“It takes a person who’s really confident in themselves to kind of get past that and just see the girl.

“I think people have to get past what they know, or think they know about me, and kind of get to know me as a person.”

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