Sunday 22 April 2018

Jennifer Lawrence: I feel like a circus freak

Jennifer revealed she had wanted to wear her Baftas dress to the Golden Globes

Richard Eden

Jennifer Lawrence, the star of 'Hunger Games', says she did not become an actress so that she could appear on red carpets.

Jennifer Lawrence, star of Silver Linings Playbook says her red-carpet appearances make her feel like a "circus freak".


The 22-year-old Hollywood star, whose dress seemed to tear in half when she went up to collect her prize at an earlier awards ceremony in America, said "Fashion is a big part of it, but I came into this for the acting, not that."


The actresses revealed that the dress she wore to the Baftas was earmakred for an earlier awards ceremony:

"I’m wearing a dress for the Baftas that I was supposed to wear for those awards, but, randomly, my breasts doubled in size the night before, so I couldn’t wear it."

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