Wednesday 24 January 2018

Jane Fonda brings out exercise DVD at 72 aimed at babyboomers

72 year-old Jane Fonda is bringing out a new fitness DVD. Photo: Getty Images
72 year-old Jane Fonda is bringing out a new fitness DVD. Photo: Getty Images

Laura Roberts

After undergoing both hip and knee replacements Jane Fonda is launching an exercise DVD at the age of 72 aimed at the babyboomer generation.

Her 1982 aerobics video Jane Fonda's Workout, which encouraged fans to "feel the burn", is credited with making home workouts popular and sold 17 million copies.

She said: "[My new DVD] will target an audience that has been left out: My age group and the boomers. I want to get to people who have stopped working out, or never did. I can’t wait."

The former workout queen will start filming in March with the DVD scheduled for release in 2011 by Lionsgate.

Miss Fonda, who memorably ignited the trend for sweatbands, lycra and legwarmers, seemed most preoccupied with her image for the DVD.

On her blog, she wrote: "What should I wear? Curious to hear from you about this. These folks I’m working with can do these productions with their eyes closed. I have to laugh when I think of when I did the first ever…still the biggest selling video of all time. We had no budget, no hair stylist or makeup artists. We did it all ourselves. I wrote the script on a ski trip in Calgary on the floor of my hotel room."

She added: "Who knew that that video would launch the video business? Literally, people weren’t willing to pay a lot for the hardware, the machinery, when they had nothing they wanted to watch over and over..till my JF Workout. Stay tuned."

Perhaps in common with her new target audience Miss Fonda has suffered a number of health problems in the past.

The Oscar-winning actress suffers from osteoarthritis, a hereditary from of arthritis, and required surgery on her left knee in 2009 forcing her to use a wheelchair for a short time.

She has insisted that her joint problems are not as a result of strenuous fitness regimes she undertook in the past.

"My family's osteoarthritis (the gradual disappearance of joint cartilage) is a matter of genes, not working out," she said.

Miss Fonda had a titanium hip replacement in 2005 and has endured years of painful back problems.

She released her last workout video in 1995 and has brought out 23 in total in addition to five workout books and 13 audio programmes.

Shortly after having knee surgery in November last year she said: "I'm slowly falling apart and feel like a walking spare parts depot. I had to have it all repaired because I want to climb the Himalayas. And at 8,000ft, my body has to run smoothly."

In response to the secret of her good looks she has said: "I owe 30 per cent to genes, 30 per cent to good sex, 30 per cent because of sports and healthy lifestyle and for the remaining 10 per cent, I have to thank my plastic surgeon. I'm happier, the sex is better and I understand life better. I don't want to be young again."

Miss Fonda is understood to be planning to marry for the fourth time to Richard Perry, 67, a music producer who she met through Carrie Fisher, the actress.

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