Monday 23 October 2017

I no longer feel any pressure to have kids, says Maura Derrane

Presenter Maura Derrane
Presenter Maura Derrane
Laura Butler

Laura Butler

Broadcaster Maura Derrane has told of how she is happily married and no longer feels pressure to have children.

RTE's 'Today' host admitted that she is not maternal. She said she is content with her lot without feeling the urge to start a family with her husband, Fine Gael TD John Deasy who she married in 2005.

"Having children is not a priority in my life," the 42-year-old Gaeilgeoir insisted.

"We're fine the way we are, we're happy the way we are. I've always been very busy career wise.

"I've never been very maternal."

Speaking to 'RSVP' magazine, the television presenter said that there is a tradition in Irish society to enquire about the next stage in people's relationships.

"It's a real Irish thing. If you're single when you're 30 they're like, 'where's the boyfriend?' Then you meet someone and get engaged and 'when are you getting married?' is the next thing.

"Then you get married and the next thing is kids. It's nobody's business. Anything to do with your private life is only your business."

Derrane is currently the host of RTE's afternoon programme 'Today', alongside Daithi O Se.

Derrane said that there is a perception that she and her husband live a very comfortable lifestyle, but the reality is quite different.

"You're never going to be rich in television in Ireland. A few people make a lot of money, but the rest of us just make regular salaries."

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