Sunday 25 February 2018

How low can you go, Kimberley?

Her frock looked like it had been raided from the Strictly wardrobe.
Her frock looked like it had been raided from the Strictly wardrobe.
Why did Kimberley choose to channel Jessica Rabbit?

Did Girls Aloud's Kimberley need to flash so much flesh, asks Claire O'Mahony

Arguably there is a gap in their market for someone who advises young female celebrities.


Not in the style of an agent or their personal manager but someone who, out of sheer altruism (and a reasonable fee) would tell them the things that other acolytes would not dare to. Such as telling Rihanna that getting back with Chris Brown is not such an amazing idea.

Or having a word in Taylor Swift’s ear  to suggest  next time around, a less high profile boyfriend will save her a world of pain and humiliation when it ends after three months, as her relationships inevitably do.


In the case of Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh, it would be: “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”  The reference of course is to the plunging red, sequin dress she wore to perform at London’s G-A-Y club two nights ago. Plunging doesn’t quite cover it – it went to her navel and she was clearly wearing no bra. Disobeying the cardinal rule that you show off your bosom or your legs, but not both, said dress was also split up to the crotch, with a vast expanse of knickers on display.


Now, at the ripe old age of 31, Kimberley is not exactly an ingénue, so she should know better.

But she was obviously keen to show off her great figure, toned by her appearance last autumn on Strictly Come Dancing.


But was such an in-your-face display of flesh necessary? Kimberley seemed to think it was. Then again, she has traditionally been considered the ‘nice’ member of Girl’s Aloud, with the others that little bit edgier. Fellow member Sarah Harding liked to party and went off to rehab. Nadine Coyle fell out with the others and dated the hot gardener, Jessie Metcalf from Desperate Housewives.

Cheryl Cole  had a bad boy husband, and spats with Simon Cole, while Nicole Roberts emerged as the coolest and more style conscious of the lot. Kimberley? She played Princess Fiona in the West End version of Shrek and has been going out with her boyfriend Justin forever.


So Kimberley decided to do secksay for her G-A-Y appearance but it just wasn’t that convincing. It didn’t help that the frock looked like it had been raided from the Strictly wardrobe either.


It’s galling when a celebrity who has a) money and b) stylists chooses of their own volition to channel Jessica Rabbit when they could look like Olivia Palermo or Diane Kruger instead. We’d like to tell Kimberley two things. Firstly, less is not always more, especially when it comes to showing off your chest and your nether areas. Secondly, there is no fee for this advice, but we’d really like it you took it on board.

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