Friday 27 April 2018

Hall: Dexter finale was top secret

Michael C Hall plays a serial killer in Dexter
Michael C Hall plays a serial killer in Dexter

Dexter star Michael C Hall has revealed that there was so much secrecy around the show's finale that only a few actors knew the outcome.

The award-winning TV series is coming to an end after its eighth series, and the epic finale surrounding Michael's character, blood spatter analyst Dexter Morgan who leads a secret double life as a serial killer, has been kept under wraps.

"It was pretty top secret actually. There were copies of the final script that were incomplete," the actor said.

"Only the actors who really needed to know the actual lines of certain scenes or the actual story points that we were trying to conceal got those pages. So it was a much more top secret affair than it usually is, and it always is to a degree."

Michael, who has portrayed Dexter since the show began in 2006, is remaining tight-lipped about the conclusion.

But he teased: "I can tell you that it doesn't go out with a whimper. It's bold and it's a way I think - it's an ending that the writers and myself... it has been in the works for some time.

"Certainly since we wrapped up the seventh season, we've had a sense of where we were going. I think it's reasonable to expect that someone might die. But, you know it's hard to be too specific, but it certainly has a boldness that was satisfying I think to all of us."

The eighth series of Dexter continues on Fox in the UK.

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