Tuesday 24 April 2018

Grylls and French recreate kiss

Dawn French kissed Bear Grylls as he hung upside down during filming of the Graham Norton Show
Dawn French kissed Bear Grylls as he hung upside down during filming of the Graham Norton Show

TV adventurer Bear Grylls has become Spider-Man as he turned his world around to recreate a famous screen kiss.

The survival expert was suspended upside down before locking lips with Dawn French as they staged their own version of a kiss performed by the web-slinging superhero.

The pair performed the stunt on the Graham Norton Show while actress Kirsten Dunst - who featured in the actual screen smooch in Spider-Man - looked on.

For the film Kirsten - as Mary Jane Watson - kissed the action hero, played by Tobey Maguire.

Dawn, 56, talked about her own romance after marrying second husband Mark Bignell last year as she spoke to presenter Graham.

She told him: "There was no veil but there was a gown and flowers and a groom, that's always important. It was a quiet affair for our nearest and dearest and my daughter sang."

Dawn - previously married to Lenny Henry - said of the proposal: "It was in a gondola in Venice - I know that sounds cliched, but what he did do was engage the gondolier in a big, 40-minute conversation about the sewage system of Venice and then he asked me."

Bear, who currently stars in Channel 4 series The Island, revealed he cheekily misled someone that a scar was the result of an encounter with a crocodile when it was actually a kitchen burn.

"I was doing a commercial in America and I had to take my shirt off and I have a scar on my chest. The female director asked if a crocodile had done it and I didn't know whether to admit the truth that I had taken a pizza out of the oven without my shirt on.

" I thought if I told her she would be so disappointed and I would have gone from hero to zero in her eyes in five seconds."

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