Saturday 24 February 2018

Grint shuns the stairs for slide?

Rupert Grint wants to put a slide on his flat
Rupert Grint wants to put a slide on his flat

Rupert Grint is planning to add a touch of magic to his flat by attaching a slide to the outside of it.

The Harry Potter star is looking for a more exciting way of getting from his roof garden down to the floor below where he lives, according to The Sun.

He'll need to get the green light from his local council, and so far not everyone has been a fan of his big plans.

Rupert, 25, said: "I'm trying to put a slide on the side of my flat - it's got a roof garden and the slide will go down to the floor below. But it's not up yet. I've had some complaints."

The actor is worth an estimated £24 million after starring as Ron Weasley in eight Harry Potter movies and owns six houses, including a £5.4 million 18th-century pile in Herefordshire and the flat he is trying to attach the slide to.

But Rupert recently told FHM that fame had its downsides: "I'm quite a shy person and wherever you go there's someone taking a picture of you. I've been to a couple of music festivals in the past few years and that's quite tough because there's a huge amount of drunk people.

"Once one person comes over, it attracts a crowd. Sometimes it's a bit overpowering. You can't just be yourself, you're always on show. It puts me on edge."

Rupert said he'd developed a cunning disguise: "I wore a mask at V Festival two years ago and it was invigorating - I felt free. But it was a latex duck mask and it was really hot, so I couldn't keep it on for long."

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