Monday 18 December 2017

Graham Norton hits back at ex: ‘Some people aren’t good at being the plus one’

Graham Norton and his ex-partner Trevor Patterson
Graham Norton and his ex-partner Trevor Patterson
Graham Norton pictured in happier times on holiday with partner Trevor Patterson

IRISH chat show host Graham Norton has hit back at his ex Trevor Patterson for alleging he drank ‘four bottles of wine’ in a night.

Although he didn’t hit out at Patterson specifically, he claimed some men he’s dated can’t get used to being the ‘plus one’ at events.

 “I wasn’t very good at relationships before I got into this line of work”, he told The Mirror.

“I’ve always found relationships hard. Whoever you’re going out with, they have that added complication of my fame.

“At the beginning it is very seductive and fun because it gives you access to a world you wouldn’t have access to.

“Then, particularly because I’m going out with men, they’re not wired to be the ‘other person’, the ‘plus one’.

“That then becomes difficult. It’s not enough that you get an invitation to a party. You want to be invited in your own right – and that’s not going to happen.”

Despite being based in the UK for most of the last two decades, the Cork native has been spending more time in his home county in recent years.

He spent over two months at his home in Co Cork over the summer and was back in the county last week to open a river walk way named after him in Bandon.

The presenter turned 50 earlier this year, however said he’s at the happiest point in his life.

“Apparently, despite the hideous treatment I’ve given my body, I’m all right. That was good. I had a big party.

“In life you should be happy with what you’ve got. Don’t constantly yearn for the life you’re not leading. Enjoy the one you do have.”

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