Monday 20 November 2017

George Hook does the Harlem Shake

IT'S a sight many people thought they'd never see - or want to see: George Hook has been caught on camera doing the Harlem Shake.

The broadcaster shakes his funky thing in a 30-second video posted on YouTube. He's seen dancing with a room full of school pupils.

For those who haven't seen a 'Harlem Shake' video, it normally features a group of people ignoring a lone dancer in the room, and as the music changes, suddenly, they're all dancing to the song 'The Harlem Shake.' The craze started in Australia in February, and quickly spread worldwide.

This clip is the latest to go viral after dozens of variations appeared around the world, including in Ireland.

Customers of one Wexford pub in particular proved an internet hit, clocking up around 15,000 YouTube views in the past two weeks. A snapshot of the comedy clip even featured on Sky News in a report about the comedy dance craze.

The 30-second clip features a man in a balaclava with a chainsaw, a clown with a hawk on his arm, a strong man lifting a beer barrel, Elvis, lads with hurls and boxing gloves, and even the Co. Wexford football team goalkeeper Anthony Masterson in a gorilla suit.

'The Harlem Shake is a phenomenon out there on the internet at the moment, and I said, 'let's give it a lash',' explained Philip McGovern, proprietor of McGovern's Pub in Gorey. 'Everyone loved the idea and the regulars and some of the other lads locally got involved.'

'We recorded it one afternoon,' said Philip. 'In the first scene, we're pretending everything is normal, except for Diarmuid Somers in a hurling helmet acting the eejit. Next thing, we've all joined in.'

He explained that in between takes, they ran upstairs and got changed, so when it cuts to the second scene, they're all dancing.

It was recorded one Tuesday afternoon, and unsuspecting customers who walked in on the fun, got into the spirit of it all.

Philip revealed that he was holding the chainsaw, while Peter Coone was lifting the keg, and Colin Travers was the clown with the hawk. 'Our other regulars said it was the funniest thing they ever had seen in the pub,' he said.

'We were expecting maybe 1,000 people would see it on YouTube, but so far we have around 15,000 views. Sky News even featured a clip of it on their big screen behind the presenter. We did it purely for fun but it's just taken on a whole life of its own.'

Gorey Guardian

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