Tuesday 21 May 2019

Falling slowly... out of love

Oscar-winning duo are now 'just good friends'

The night of their lives - Glen and Marketa can't believe it as they
share their Oscar night glory
The night of their lives - Glen and Marketa can't believe it as they share their Oscar night glory
Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova perform the Oscar-winning song 'Falling Slowly' at the Academy Awards last year
Glen and Marketa in a scene from the film 'Once'

Allison Bray

The fairytale love affair between Oscar-winning musicians Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova is reportedly over less than a year after the pair won an Academy Award for their hit soundtrack 'Once'.

The real-life love story that mirrored the storyline in the film didn't pass the test of time, despite providing what Hollywood director Stephen Spielberg said was "enough inspiration to last all year".

Former Frames and 'Commitments' singer Glen Hansard told an Australian newspaper that their high-profile romance is over -- although the former couple remain good friends.


"I think it was just a very natural part of what we were doing together," Glen said of the romance that blossomed during the making of the film based on the song 'Falling Slowly'.

The film tells the story of a struggling musician who meets an immigrant flower seller and they are drawn into each other's arms through their mutual love of music. The soundtrack won the couple the Best Original Song Oscar at last year's Academy Awards.

Glen is quoted in the 'Sydney Morning Herald' as saying: "We had made the film. We had gone through so much with the Oscar. Of course we fell into each other's arms."

"It was a very necessary part of our friendship but I think we both concluded that that wasn't what we really wanted to do. So we're not together now. We are just really good friends."

He made the comments as he and the Czech-born pianist and singer tour Down Under under the name 'The Swell Season'.

They will be performing at the Sydney Opera House for the first of three sold-out shows tomorrow night.

The news of the demise of the couple's high-profile relationship, however, came as a surprise to Glen Hansard's Dublin-based mother Catherine Hansard, who spoke of her sadness learning through media reports that the couple are no longer together.

"If it's true, he kept it secret from us. I'll be talking to him soon so will find out then," she said.

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