Tuesday 24 October 2017

Eva: Inner beauty most important

Eva Longoria reckons looks are not all that matter
Eva Longoria reckons looks are not all that matter

Eva Longoria has said she hopes people see her for her inner beauty, rather than just her outward appearance.

The former Desperate Housewives actress, a staple on many lists of Hollywood's sexiest women, said although she is "flattered" when she is referred to as beautiful, she thinks beauty should be defined by what people do for society and who they are inside, reports Just Jared.

Eva, 37, told GQ Mexico: "I hope people perceive me as beautiful in everything I do in relation to works of charity and philanthropy, or political activism.

"For me, those are the things that define beauty. The beauty lies mainly on personality, not on skin."

The actress, who recently split from American football star Mark Sanchez, also revealed she likes to lead a busy life, admitting: "I do not stop for a minute."

She continued: "My mother raised four daughters, worked as a teacher and every day, at 6pm, cooked dinner for my dad and for us, and every morning we also had the breakfast, so I see my mother and think, 'I'm not doing enough'."

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