Monday 18 December 2017

Eva: I stared at sun to get glasses

Eva Mendes says she hates to follow trends
Eva Mendes says she hates to follow trends

Eva Mendes has confessed she wanted glasses so much as a child she used to stare at the sun to try and damage her eyesight.

The 38-year-old actress - who stars with her boyfriend Ryan Gosling in her latest film The Place Beyond The Pines - has just been signed up as the face of Vogue eyewear.

Eva revealed: "I started to need reading glasses like two years ago, but the funny thing is I used to want glasses so bad when I was little that I actually used to stare into the sun to damage my eyesight. My mom would catch me and be like, 'What are you doing?'

"I was obsessed with looking smart. I also went through a stage in junior high where I would wear non-prescription reading glasses and then I got called out one day, so I stopped that because I felt like a phony. So, as of two years ago, I just started needing them. I love them. Wearing glasses adds an instant quirk and elegance."

The fashionista is also launching her own clothing line for New York & Company, but revealed she will be aiming to make trend-bucking designs for voluptuous women.

Eva said: "I come from a family where the women are more voluptuous so I like to cater to that.

"I don't follow trends. In fact, the worst thing a sales person can tell me when I'm in a shop is, 'Oh, that's been a hot-seller.'

"Most of what I wear is vintage. I like little boutiques. I feel stressed in department stores. I like thrift shops more than vintage stores because at vintage stores just calling it 'vintage' kind of ups the price."

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