Wednesday 21 March 2018

Elba in Albarn house call farce

Damon Albarn accidentally snubbed Idris Elba
Damon Albarn accidentally snubbed Idris Elba

Damon Albarn has told how he snubbed Hollywood star Idris Elba over a mix-up with his name when the actor turned up to his house for a chat.

The Blur frontman revealed his personal assistant had become confused and had told him that the superstar DJ and producer David Guetta was dropping by. And to add to the muddle, Damon - who was already nonplussed by the visit - was then mistakenly told Titanium hitmaker Guetta had not turned up, but that his assistant "Idris" had arrived on his behalf.

Idris - who had dropped by to discuss the soundtrack for his new film in which he stars as South African president Nelson Mandela - was so embarrassed by the mistake that he fled.

They laughed off the bungle when the actor appeared as a guest on Damon's Radio 2 show.

Composer Damon recalled: "My PA Charlie comes in and says: 'David Guetta is gonna come and talk to you because he is interested in doing a project in South Africa and he wants to pick your brains.' And I'm like, 'Well, really not my kind of thing, David Guetta, but I suppose he just wants to sit down have a cup of tea and have a chat, which is fine.'

"So I'm sitting in there slightly nervous that David Guetta is out in the kitchen. Anyway, Charlie comes in and says: 'Oh, David's not here, he's running late but his assistant Idris is waiting outside'."

Idris - who has starred in The Wire and BBC One's Luther - said: "Poor Charlie - she came back and said: 'Is David Guetta coming? Are you not here with David Guetta?' I'm sitting on this sofa thinking: 'What? David Guetta? No, I'm not here with David Guetta.'

"I was so embarrassed. She was like: 'I can't tell Damon that David's not here and he's not coming - do you think we can postpone this meeting?' I was like: 'Charlie, I'm so sorry but this is who I am, I'm Idris Elba and I did this film about Nelson Mandela, and I wanted to do this soundtrack and I wanted to speak to Damon about it. This is what it's about and here's my number, and if he wants to call, absolutely.' A nd I was so embarrassed, I got out of there."

Damon added: "I come out and say 'Where's David?' and she says, 'Oh he never came, but Idris Elba was here'."

They later figured out the confusion somehow arose because Idris- who will be seen as Mandela in The Long Walk To Freedom when it gets a UK release in January - and Guetta had shared the same manager.

Idris went on: "He (Damon) does ring me up and he says: 'Is that David Guetta?' I just started laughing and said: 'No, it's not David Guetta.' Grrrr."

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