Sunday 17 December 2017

'Don't waste your time on sadness. Be as happy now as you can be'

Aine Lawlor

Favourite book

My favourite book at the moment is Charles Dowding's 'How To Grow Winter Vegetables'. I'm a convert to his no-dig system, which works really well on our allotment.

And thanks to his book, I'm looking forward to growing leeks, kale, spinach, cabbage, salads, herbs, garlic and celeriac this winter.

Favourite CD

Anything by Puccini or Piaf, but most of the time I just tune in to Lyric fm for music.

Favourite MEMORY

Lately, I'm remembering our family holidays when all the kids were small. As I recall it now, those days seem all golden and sunny.

I'm sure there was rain, but I can't remember any of that now – just that they were all still small and with us all the time. It's unbelievable how quickly those years pass.

Favourite piece of furniture

My bed.

Favourite item of clothing

A cashmere cardigan. Even better if it has some silk in it. I love the feel and comfort of them and they work in all situations.


I've no major allergies, but I avoid certain foods that upset my system, such as beans, pulses and chickpeas. And I'll usually get hayfever at some stage in the summer.

person who meant the most

Of those I've lost, my mother and grandmother meant the most to me. Sometimes, I'd give anything just to see their smiles.

Of those still alive, my husband Ian and the kids. I can't imagine them not being at the centre of my life.

what advice would you give your 16-year-old self?

Don't waste your time on sadness. Be as happy now as you can be.

first kiss

A French student called Luc when I was 13. But none of my friends believed me!

what characteristic in yourself do you like the most and least?

What I like most about myself is my friends – I'm so lucky to know so many fantastic and fun people.

What I like least about myself is my big mouth and my capacity to open it when I shouldn't.

Favourite tipple

White wine – anything dry and minerally.

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