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Daniel flips over Greer's pancake sneers

Sugar coating vanishes as top singer seethes at celebrity feminist's snide onslaught

NORMALLY, Daniel O'Donnell wouldn't say boo to a goose.

But when Australian feminist Germaine Greer took him to task over his comments on his wife's cooking skills, the Donegal crooner saw red.

The extraordinary spat happened during filming for Miriam O'Callaghan's upcoming summer chat show in RTE studios.

Trouble arose when Daniel diplomatically said that cooking wasn't one of his wife Majella's strong points, adding that he was a big fan of his mother's pancakes.

During the interval, an unimpressed Greer took him to task, insisting that it was not too difficult to make pancakes.

O'Donnell hit back by retorting: "Well Germaine, your pancakes may be a bit bitter," prompting a wave of laughter from the audience.

However, the light-hearted atmosphere disappeared rapidly once the interview resumed, as Greer made her feelings towards the singer all too clear.

In response to questions from O'Callaghan, O'Donnell spoke at length about his relationship with Majella and how he had discovered she was the right person for him.

An audience member revealed: "It turned nasty so quickly. While Daniel was talking, Germaine started making faces behind his back to show how disgusted she was with his Mr Nice Guy image. "But Daniel could see everything on the monitor so he turned around and asked her: 'Do you have a problem with what I'm saying?' Everyone in the audience was stunned. No one had ever seen Daniel lose his cool before."

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The interview continued with O'Donnell discussing his split from Majella and his subsequent realisation that he really missed her and wanted to marry her.

Behind him, Greer continued to show her disapproval, by wrinkling her nose in disgust.

O'Donnell again turned around and confronted her, asking: "Do you find what I'm saying funny?"

An audience member explained: "It was such a fiery atmosphere. Germaine seemed to be eyeing him up from the start. Everyone was shocked because they'd never seen that side of Daniel before.

"He didn't raise his voice but made it very clear that he wasn't very happy with her. And he also showed his human side because he obviously adores his wife." When the interview finished Daniel regained his composure enough to pose for a group picture before signing autographs for his fans in the audience.

He also leaned across to Greer in an effort to show that he didn't harbour any grudges against her.

Greer appeared to be quite bemused by the gesture and afterwards declared: "He touched me at the end, it was awful."

Speaking after the show had finished, presenter Miriam O'Callaghan commented: "Daniel came across really well."

"He believed he was standing up for himself and I admire that in him."

brilliantly as always."

Last night a spokesman for Daniel admitted the star was not happy with Ms Greer's attitude during the recording of the show. It will be aired on RTE1 on Saturday, July 8.

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