Sunday 21 January 2018

Clooney: Movies aren't pure history

George Clooney says people should stop picking holes in movies
George Clooney says people should stop picking holes in movies

George Clooney has dismissed criticism that his new film Gravity has factual errors.

Despite setting a box-office record and earning praise from critics, the outer-space thriller, co-starring Sandra Bullock, has been criticised by scientists over factual errors.

But George told TheWrap that "snarky" people should stop "fact checking movies".

"If you fact check Lawrence Of Arabia, I'm fairly sure that what TE Lawrence wrote wasn't pure history," he said.

"He made up battles and characters. The Great Escape is just an amalgamation of a bunch of different characters; there weren't any actual Americans in real life."

George added: "Gravity is a work of fiction. This notion that Sandy couldn't have floated from one place to another - it's called a movie.

"We're in a really weird place where we're focusing on shooting holes in minute details of a film that's based on a real story.

"Go through the list of movies that went through best picture - Patton, Gandhi - I can find things not completely accurate. The point is it's a film."

He told TheWrap: "I think right now what you have is snarky people on the internet who just want to debunk anything. There's a backlash against movies that are unbelievably well-reviewed."

George also denied writing a scene in Gravity, saying director Alfonso Cuaron's comments had been blown out of proportion.

"I didn't write any scene. That scene was there from the minute I was handed the script," he said. " Alfonso is such a sweet guy. He hands out credit to everyone all the time."

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