Tuesday 20 February 2018

Bello in relationship with woman

Maria Bello has revealed that she is romantically involved with a female friend.

The Prisoners actress - who previously had a relationship with TV executive Dan McDermott - came out in an article in The New York Times, announcing that she is dating a woman named Clare.

In a story titled Coming Out As A Modern Family, Maria writes about telling her 12-year-old son with Dan, Jackson, after he asked whether she was in a relationship.

She said: "I took a deep breath, knowing that my answer, and his response, would have an impact on our lives for a very long time. He was right; I was with someone romantically and I hadn't told him. I had become involved with a woman who was my best friend, and, as it happens, a person who is like a godmother to my son."

After she told him, the actress said her son replied: "Mom, love is love, whatever you are."

Maria, 46, said that a year before she opened up to her son she was looking through old photos.

She explained: "I came across a black-and-white one of my best friend and me taken on New Year's Eve. We looked so happy, I couldn't help but smile... We had an immediate connection but didn't think of it as romantic or sexual. She was one of the most beautiful, charming, brilliant and funny people I had ever met, but it didn't occur to me, until that soul-searching moment in my garden, that we could perhaps choose to love each other romantically."

Maria said she, Clare, Jackson and Dan spend a lot of time together and explained she thinks of herself as a "whatever", as her son suggested.

"Whomever I love, however I love them, whether they sleep in my bed or not, or whether I do homework with them or share a child with them, 'love is love'. And I love our modern family," she concluded.

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