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Bare-foot chic as girlband Triniti get set to go global

IRELAND'S newest girlband are planning to put their mouths where their money is.

Triniti have already landed a ?5m record deal - now all they have to do is sing for their supper.

The threesome, described as Enya meets the Sugababes, are already a successful export.

Not only have they landed a ?5m record deal with Universal Classics and Jazz, the group has taken its mix of traditional Celtic influences and contemporary music on tour with Aled Jones.

And this summer they will perform nationwide with 'X-Factor' superstars G4.

During their launch in Dublin's Morrison Hotel, they were presented with a disc marking 400,000 sales of the compilation CDs 'You Raise Me Up' and 'The Number One Classical Album', on which they sing in the UK.

Despite their overnight millionaire status, the group - Laura Cunningham (25), Eve O'Donnell (21) and Sharon Moran (22) - are keeping their bare feet firmly on the ground.

The Dublin girls insist on rehearsing, performing and even giving interviews in their bare feet, practising the Alexander Technique, which they say makes them more aware of the muscles they use for singing.

Their self-titled album, made under the guidance of Ross Cullen, the man behind Enya's early success, is due for release on May 22.