Wednesday 24 January 2018

Aoife Cogan gives Gordon D'Arcy's fuzzy beard her blessing

"My wife likes it," Gordon told Pat Kenny about his beard.
Aoife Cogan and Gordon pre beard.

Joanna Kiernan and Kirsty Blake Knox

Irish rugby star Gordon D'Arcy even has his model wife's blessing for his festive fuzz.

D'Arcy's admits however, that his new facial hair was actually more of an afterthought than a conscious style statement.

"During pre-season you get a little bit lazy," he told Pat Kenny on Newstalk.

"When the season kicked in I decided 'Why not? I'll give it a whack.'

"My wife likes it," Gordon added.

"She's the most important person."

Gordon, who married Aoife Cogan in 2012, revealed yesterday that their relationship has taken on a whole new dimension of late; the pair are now business partners as well.

"It's been brilliant," Gordon said on teaming up with the former Miss Ireland.

"It's been about a year in the planning from conception to the finished project, but it was really enjoyable. We both had different attributes coming into it and they seemed to dovetail."

The loved-up power couple's new business venture is called Form School, a reformer pilates studio on Grattan Street, in Dublin. "It's pilates done on a kind of a bed," Gordon explained.

"The bed frame is on a sliding carriage and it has springs for resistance and a foot bar and foot and arm straps.

"It's a safe way of doing pilates and there's a huge variety of exercises with it."

Meanwhile, tonight the Leinster team will be kicking their heels up at their Christmas bash at the Baroque Night Club in Dublin. But the Leinster boys won't be the only ones celebrating the festive season.

Ken Doherty will also be dropping by with a few pals to sink a few pints.

"They're all booked in for the night," an insider told the Herald. "It should be hectic."

"The Leinster Christmas party is always a bit of a mad one. Cian Healy booked it for the squad, they have their own section but they can wander around wherever they want."

"It'll be a good night. There's talk they may arrive in fancy dress. Even if they don't it should be a pretty wild night."

"There's an out door smoking area and a pig on a spit so that should be a talking point."

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