Saturday 17 February 2018

Anderson addresses Cambridge Union

Pamela Anderson is an outspoken supporter of Peta
Pamela Anderson is an outspoken supporter of Peta

Pamela Anderson has revealed she turned to fighting for animal rights because she was fed up of getting attention for her looks and love life.

The former Baywatch actress talked about her work as a tireless animal welfare campaigner at the prestigious Cambridge Union, reported the Daily Mail.

She told the crowd: "I was working in Baywatch and I was getting a lot of attention and silly questions about my boobs and boyfriends so I decided to do something and I called Peta (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals)."

Vegetarian Pammie told how she started out early when she was growing up in her native Canada, persuading her dad to stop hunting.

"My father was a hunter. He told us not to go in there (to his shed), but I got all my friends and we went. There hanging upside down and bleeding was a deer. I grew up on venison. I put it all together and thought it was crazy," she said.

"I got my father and all his friends to stop hunting."

Pamela, 45, has done a lot of work with Peta, including stripping naked for the organisation and speaking at the Oxford Union about the "cruelty" of eating meat.

And last month she criticised the government in Canada for trying to challenge the EU ban on seal fur imports. The former Dancing On Ice contestant penned an open letter to the World Trade Organisation on behalf of Peta, asking them to uphold the ban on importing seal pelts, ahead of the annual spring hunting of baby seals.

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