Tuesday 24 October 2017

Alesha attracts the acts on BGT

BGT hopeful Manni rapped about judge Alesha Dixon's beauty
BGT hopeful Manni rapped about judge Alesha Dixon's beauty

Alesha Dixon proved a hit with the male contestants in this week's Britain's Got Talent auditions.

The singer and competition judge was serenaded and flirted with by three different acts, while fellow judges Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Amanda Holden joked about her trying to pick up a date.

When family act E3 Brothers told the panel they were from Hemel Hempstead, near to where Alesha lives, they joked that they would see her later.

Head judge Simon told the brothers: "Alesha is now single again by the way," to which the E3 Brothers said: "Thanks for the heads up Simon," as Alesha gave them a cheeky wink.

Rapper Manni even left the stage to walk down towards the judges' desk and rap to Alesha about her beauty while offering her a rose.

After Manni's performance, David said: "I didn't see why it wasn't about me," but the act assured the comedian he would put together something special for him if he got through to the next round.

Alesha said: "Oh you're just going to diss me like that?" and Manni told her: "No. Those roses costs £4, they're very expensive."

Lastly, Luciel Johns serenaded Alesha with his version of Stuck On You, prompting David to ask whether she gets many men singing to her and Simon to remind the panel that she was single. But Alesha responded: "I'm old enough to be his mother."

Backstage the judges joked about Alesha having a different boyfriend every month and David told her: "It's not a chance for you to just find a partner, we're trying to find a talented person to be on Britain's Got Talent. Don't treat this show just like a dating show."

David said to Amanda: "She thinks the show is just a chance for her to meet a man," with Amanda jokingly replying: "She's been quite embarrassing."

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