Friday 18 January 2019

Adam Clayton’s Beautiful Day

U2 star has found the Sweetest Thing with new wife Mariana

Larry Mullen pictured shaking hands with local children when leaving the home of Adam Clayton at Deansmote in Rathfarnham
Larry Mullen leaving the home of Adam Clayton after the bass player's wedding to Brazilian Mariana Teixeira
Local children look into the home of Adam Clayton at Deansmote in Rathfarnham
Larry Mullen pictured shaking hands with local children
Guests including U2 manager Paul McGuinness,Drummer Larry Mullen and The Edge seen leaving the home of U2 Bassist Adam Clayton after a wedding reception lunch at the house
Brazilian Mariana Teixeira (right) new bride of Adam Clayton leaving their home at Deansmote in Rathfarnham
Ali Hewson
The Edge with wife Morleigh
Brazilian Mariana Teixeira, who married Adam Clayton, pictured yesterday
Adam Clayton leaves his home after his wedding

IT was a beautiful day when U2's Adam Clayton married his Brazilian girlfriend, Mariana de Carvalho yesterday in a low-key ceremony.

There was no sign of Bono, or bandmate Larry Mullen with just 18 guests present at the Dublin registry office.

The weather couldn't have been better as Adam, in a sharp blue suit and mauve tie, stepped out into the sun with his bride. Mariana wore a Sixties- inspired shift ‘Chloe' mini-dress beneath an organza Erdem wrap.

The first hint for onlookers at Grand Canal Street knew of the U2 wedding was when five people-carriers pulled up with guests. Inside was the bride and groom and a wedding party which consisted of Mariana's mother and family.

Adam looked relaxed as he and his bride posed for photographs before and after the ceremony – with bandmate Edge acting as photographer.

However the sight of U2 manager Paul McGuinness en route to the nuptials with a flower in his lapel, alerted passing freelance photographer Mark Doyle to take a |further set of shots

The wedding party moved on to a celebratory lunch at the bass-player's Rathfarnham home.

A late arrival at that reception was U2 drummer Larry Mullen. The media were told little about the big day with a statement proving as simple as the ceremony

“Adam is delighted to confirm that he married Mariana de Carvalho today in Dublin,” the statement read. The 53-year-old proposed to former model Mariana, earlier this year at the Carnival in Brazil after a four-year romance. On Monday, they had attended the funeral of poet laureate Seamus Heaney together in Donnybrook Church.

Adam, from Malahide, was once engaged to supermodel Naomi Campbell for a few brief months in 1994.

In 2006, he was again engaged – this time to Suzie Smith, a former assistant to band manager Paul McGuinness, but they split up in February 2007.

Speaking to the Observer in 2009 about his single status, he said: “I've never necessarily chosen to be a bachelor. I've had girlfriends throughout the last 20 or 30 years. It's just that there were times when I met people that fascinated me and times I didn't.”

The Edge and his wife Morleigh Steinberg were the only U2 representatives, but Larry Mullen was later seen arriving at a low-key celebration in the newlyweds’ home in Rathfarnham.

It has been rumoured that a larger reception will be held in the south of France this weekend.

Larry arrived at the house at approximately 1.30pm accompanied by his partner of more than 30 years, Ann Acheson.

He quipped: “Yeah I think marriage is a great institution – just not ready for it myself.”

Larry said he had “no idea” how many people would be attending the celebration at Mr Clayton's home.

But he later confirmed that Bono was there along with his wife Ali.

He said: “We're working in the studio so we're dropping in for lunch and then we'll probably go back to work.”

Asked if U2's bass player would be working on his |wedding day, Larry joked: “I hope so – we've an album to finish.”

The band's manager Paul McGuinness was later seen |leaving the house in a black Jaguar car at about 6pm.

Larry and the Edge left about half an hour later with Bono's wife Ali Hewson driving out in another car.

By Ken Sweeney

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