Sunday 21 January 2018

'A front, a facade' – Wogan breaks silence on Savile at BBC

Ken Sweeney Entertainment Editor

BROADCASTER Terry Wogan, left, has broken his silence on his one-time BBC colleague Jimmy Savile. Speaking on RTE's 'John Murray Show' the 74-year-old said: "If I never heard the name Jimmy Savile again, I would die happy."

Asked if he knew the 'Jim'll Fix It' star, who worked at the BBC in the same era as the Irish personality, Mr Wogan answered: "No, nobody knew him. He was a front, he was a facade, whether there was a real person in there I don't know."

But asked if he ever "had his doubts about Savile", Wogan declined to answer, telling Murray: "These are the questions that are always going to be asked, it's going to go on and on, and really, I have no interest in it . . . let's move along." Earlier, when asked about the dropping of a BBC 'Newsnight' report into the Savile allegations, Mr Wogan said: "This is a question I am always going to be asked, and there is no point in me giving you anything other than the answer I always give, which is that I am at the sharp end of broadcasting.

"I am sitting in front of the microphone, I am sitting in front of the television, and have no idea about how the BBC is administered or run.

Last month, Roger Jones, the former chairman of 'Children in Need', which Terry Wogan hosted, revealed how Savile was kept away from the annual fundraiser because of rumours of his interest in young girls.

Mr Jones said: "We all recognised he was a creepy sort of character. We took the decision that we didn't want him near the charity."

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