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Cameron Diaz opens up about adult acne


Cameron Diaz suffered from “terrible skin”.

The Counselor actress revealed her struggle with acne in her new health guide, The Body Book.

Cameron, 41, claims she had no control over her pimples for several years of her adult life.

“I mean, I had terrible, terrible, skin,” she wrote.

“It was embarrassing, and I did everything I could think of to make it go away. I tried to cover it with makeup. I tried to get rid of it with medication: oral, topical, even the harshest prescriptions. Nothing helped for very long.

“It was really challenging to cover them up for the cameras. It was awkward and embarrassing and frustrating, and I always felt really bad about myself.”

As she neared 30 years of age, Cameron had an epiphany about the cause of her acne.

She realised her fast food addiction made itself present in the zits on her face.

“I eat a cheeseburger with french fries every day,” she recalled.

“[And then] a funny thing happened … my skin began to clear up! My acne wasn’t totally gone, but it was significantly better.

“Looking back, I realise that I hadn’t needed those prescription drugs, those vials of potions and creams. I hadn’t needed to be angry at my skin or feel bad about myself. I had just needed to LISTEN TO MY BODY. Acne was my body’s alarm system, it was a way of telling me [to stop eating fast food].”

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