Friday 19 January 2018

Before the Stylist

Perhaps the best makeover of all. Cheryl Cole wasn't always the bombshell we know and love. There was a time she looked like...
Perhaps the best makeover of all. Cheryl Cole wasn't always the bombshell we know and love. There was a time she looked like...
Well, this. Back in 2001, when Girls Aloud first burst onto the scene, Miss Cole (then Tweedy) was a midriff baring denim devotee with short hair and slightly crooked teeth. Let's face it, she's always had an incredibly beautiful face though.
At the 1999 Billboard Awards, Anne Hathaway was on a Princess Diaries high. Her career was about to take off, but her wardrobe, eh, not so much.
Anne was easily our best dressed at this year's Golden Globes. Sporting her stunning haircut fresh from Les Miserables, she has been sweeping awards season with Best Supporting Actress wins - and earning a place on Best Dressed lists everywhere.
2008 was a different time for Pippa - all fake tanned and hair extensioned. Her patterned dress hurts our eyes.
Pippa O'Connor
We would say - yikes! - at this outfit, but look at her face. Despite the less than flattering ensemble, Jessica is still one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses. When the only fault we can find is her trousers being too short, you're in a pretty good life position.
For the premiere of Hitchcock, Jessica went all out in her elegant black gown. Her stylist deserves extra marks for this.
Oh Kathryn Thomas, we see what you were going for here, but it's not working. It's 2008, not the 1940s.
Our favourite Kathryn red carpet moment yet. For the of 2011 IFTAs, the TV presenter wore Marion Murphy-Cooney and outshone everyone else on the red carpet. What a difference a few years can make.
Blake, Blake, Blake. We shouldn't admit it, but this picture makes us happy. Married to Ryan Reynolds, millions in the bank and being the face of Gucci and Chanel gives Blake Lively the top spot on the 'People we wish we were' list. At least she wasn't always so perfect.
This is the Blake we're used to. Beautiful colour combination, bang-on-trend hair and a sexy, plunging neckline.
Your eyes are not deceiving you, that's a pink leopard print two-sie. There's a little bit of midriff there and her trousers are slightly too long. Thank goodness for that naturally gorgeous face.
Even while pregnant, Jessica turns on the style. The singer turned fashion mogul rocks an LBD with the best of them and classes up her look with a chic black blazer.
Hey, if it worked for Liz Hurley, it's worth a try, Kelly Brook. No surprise that after this daring ensemble on the red carpet in 2000, Kelly has topped men's magazines most lusted after lists.
Classy, voluptuous and elegant. This is the Kelly Brook we much, much prefer. And for the record, she's still number one on those men's magazine lists.
Our second favourite makeover on the list. This is a pre-reality tv fame Kim Kardashian wearing a white sundress. With wedges. Her matching purse is Fendi, so there's a trace of the new Kim in there somewhere.
The post-Kanye West style makeover. Her monochrome ensemble earns major style marks.
Caroline Morahan is undoubtedly one of Ireland's most beautiful women. But we're not going to comment on this. We're not even using, 'But it was 2006', as an excuse.
There she is, the Caroline we know and love. Her dark locks, flawless skin and stunning gown gets her attention for all the right reasons.
We never knew Eva Longoria had skeletons in her style clsoet. But if this tan leather, patch suit and midriff baring top is anything to go by...well, she certainly does.
Eva turns it out in an impossibly chic blush pink suit and simple black clutch.
Lisa Cannon in 2007. All we're going to say is: we like your shoes.
After a few years in the spotlight, Lisa fine-tuned her red carpet fashion and showed off her voluptuous figure in this Suzanne Neville gown at this year's IFTAs. Flawless hair and makeup.
You may have forgotten about Nicole of years past, but we haven't. The long extensions, the paperboy cap, the colourful monogrammed Louis Vuitton bag. Our eyes hurt.
Nicole Richie shows us why she's considered one of the world's premier style icons in this impossibly trendy ensemble.
It's 2003, and we have to hand it to Michelle, her body looks incredible. But that dress...why?
One of our favourite looks of Michelle, taken earlier this year. Married life and motherhood suits her well - as do her flowing Great Lengths hair extensions, and subtly sexy gown.

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