Sunday 18 March 2018

Ten secrets to looking a million dollars on your debs night

Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

Seamless underwear, the lowdown on red carpet makeup and the two magic words every girl wearing a halterneck needs to know... Your debs night is coming up soon and we have the top ten tips to help you look a million dollars!

1. Tailored to perfection

There is such a thing as trying on your dress so many times that you’ll get sick of it, but it is important to have a dress rehearsal. Every dress on the red carpet has been tailored to perfection.

Can you walk and sit in your gúna deas? More importantly, can you dance in it?

Nobody’s going to judge you for shaking a few premature moves in your bedroom before the big day. See how your dress fits you and how it falls, a stitch or two could be necessary to tweak it. It could be the difference between battling with an irritating loose strap all night and looking a million dollars.

2. 'Tit tape'

Little tricks like seamless underwear and 'tit tape' can work magic. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/FilmMagic)
Little tricks like seamless underwear and 'tit tape' can work magic. (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/FilmMagic)

These are the magic words for every formal ‘do and there can never be enough of it either. Make sure your dress is going to cover all your bits, especially if it’s a loose-fitting or made of lighter material.

It’s no harm to bring some in the clutch either, you could be someone’s saviour on the night.

Nothing completes a look like a smile. (Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)
Nothing completes a look like a smile. (Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

3. Fits like a glove

Not unlike the dress, it’s important to try out your shoes before your debs day. You might be an awkward six inches taller than everyone else for a few hours, but wear them around the house and, as your mammy would say, “Break them in”.

If you need a little extra help for any pinching heels, try out Scholl’s Party Feet range. They have everything from gel cushions to toe post strips.

4. The secret to being a bronzed beauty

It might seem wonderful to look like you’ve just hopped off the plane from a three-month sabbatical in the Bahamas, but it could be a very different feeling when you’re aware you’re fifty shades more orange than everyone else. Fake tan is not for everyone.

If you’re inclined to tan or you’re a regular false-bronzer, no fear. However, don’t feel the pressure to fake it if it’s not your thing. Celebrities like Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson have made the ‘pale is best’ statement and always look fabulous.

5. It’s all about what’s underneath

The difference between feeling fabulous and not is in the undergarments. Leave the frilly knickers at home and think smart. You’re looking for a comfortable pair of seamless knickers; VPL is a red carpet crime.

6. Big is not always better

Don’t be tempted to bring your bag of makeup, giant camera, a pair of flat pumps and a jacket (just in case). Keep your bag small and invest in a clutch. Nothing will ruin an evening look more than a day-time tote.

7. Don’t go overboard with makeup

It is a big night, but only go for a look that you’re comfortable with. We speak from experience – you will regret experimenting with smoky eyes three hours to the event.

8. It’s the simple things

Sometimes it’s the small things that will give you the ‘WOW’ factor. If your legs and arms are going bare, prep them with moisturiser for the week before hand.

Baby soft arms and legs will result in a healthy glow.

9. Be strategic

You might have had a beautiful necklace and earrings sitting with your dress for the few weeks beforehand and all of a sudden you’re given another pair of earrings as a gift. Don’t try to keep everyone happy. Overcrowding your neck, ears and arms with jewellery will be a disaster. Be strategic with your jewellery and keep it simple.

10. It sounds silly but...

Don’t forget to smile. Your debs is a special day, it’s not the time to experiment with Angelina Jolie-esque pouts, you’ll only end up cringing days afterwards. Nothing will look better on camera than showing off your pearly-whites.

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