Friday 19 January 2018

Beauty blunders: Top five makeup mistakes to avoid

Actress Dakota Fanning opted for a softer tone of red lipstick, making sure she kept her rosy-red complexion.
Actress Dakota Fanning opted for a softer tone of red lipstick, making sure she kept her rosy-red complexion.

Aishling Phelan

Plenty of recessionistas will be doing their own make-up for their special night and striving to get that red carpet glow.

With the vast range of clever beauty products and cosmetics on the market, from press-on eye shadows and skin-illuminating shimmers, it has never been easier. 

However, debutants may run into disaster is they don’t plan ahead and avoid some of the biggest make-up mishaps.

Nerves and running late on the day can lead to rushed make-up, which will ruin that polished debs look.

It is also important not to overdo the make-up or grooming regime in the run up to the big event as less is definitely more.

Planning ahead will avoid the embarrassment of misapplied, mismatched or misbehaving cosmetics.

Dakota is our beauty hero for this year's debs.
Dakota is our beauty hero for this year's debs.

Here are some tips on the top make-up mishaps to avoid during the debs preparation stage and of course, don’t forget the last minute mirror check before you emerge in front of family and friends.

1. Eyebrow shaping gone wrong

Take note of your skin tone and try not to go too bronzer-happy! A natural blonde like Emily Osment will just need a soft sweep of colour.
Take note of your skin tone and try not to go too bronzer-happy! A natural blonde like Emily Osment will just need a soft sweep of colour.
Wear a foundation that will still give you a natural look and a healthy glow. It's not a night for the pan-stick.
If you're opting for a smoky eye, make sure you balance it with your lip colour. Sometimes less is more!

This takes place in phase one of the debs beauty regime, but is the most risky beauty step when done at home.

Over-plucking or overly dark tinting can dramatically change and restructure the contours of your face leading to a look that is too extreme.

Creating that perfect face-framing arch can be a complicated process but as thicker and fuller brows are now roaming the catwalks, you should spend a lot less time with the tweezers.

Hold a pencil for guidance and be careful not to arch your brows too high or they will look unnatural.

Once you have the right brow curve for you, outline your ideal arch and shade using a soft, creamy brow pencil.

2. Strong lip too severe on skin tone

Debutants wanting to make a statement with their lips can sometimes choose a colour that is too dark for their skin tone.  It is vital that the luscious lip shade compliments your skin tone.

If opting for a strong lip, you must choose the right shade for your colouring or you risk looking like a clown.

Red lipstick tends to bleed so it is important to fill in the lips with a lip liner first. Ensure to pat the inside of your lips with some tissue to avoid excess lipstick resting on your teeth.

If your complexion is pink, you'll shine beautifully in plum shades, while girls with yellow tones are flattered by warmer reds that have a brown base.

If you have thin lips, a dark colour can accentuate them. To keep lips from looking too severe, try a rosy red or avoid red lips altogether and choose a neutral shade, playing up your eyes instead.

However, if you have your heart set on a strong lip, ensure that your eye make-up is elegant and subtle.

3. Foundation too cakey

Debutants do not want to walk around donning a foundation mask on the big night so it is vital that you do not cake your face with foundation.

Foundation formulations contain a lot of pigment, therefore good coverage does not require application of a heavy layer.

Ensure you sit in natural light when applying it and remember that your young skin does not need that much coverage.

Any blemishes or dark circles can be covered with a good concealer in most cases anyway.

Get your foundation matched by a professional at a cosmetic counter. You may need to go a shade or two lighter in the winter when you don’t have your summer tan.

It is important to use the same colour foundation on your neck so you don’t rock the disastrous two-tone look.

4. Too much bronzer

This next step after foundation can be equally as risky as too much bronzer can leave you looking like one of Charlie and the Chocolate factory’s orange Oompa-Loompas.

Bronzer that is too dark can look unnatural and blotchy, ruining that Hollywood glow you’re aiming for.

Carefully choose a shade that matches your complexion and sit in natural light when applying it in front of a mirror.

All you need is just enough blush to add a natural flush to your cheeks as bronzer should just be used in small doses.

Take a clean brush and swirl it over the cheek colour, helping to remove excess product and blend in the rest.

Always tap your blush brush to remove excess powder before applying it to the cheeks or if all else fails, swipe a layer of translucent powder over the area to soften things up.

The debs night always requires a dash of sparkle but exercise caution when using these shimmery numbers as you may be left looking like a shiny disco ball.

5. Unflattering eye shadow

Many debutants fall into the trap of choosing the same colour eye shadow as their dress which leads to a rather bland look.

The rule is not to use the same shade as your dress to allow your eyes to look more alluring and pop with a different bolt of colour.

If you are going for a dramatic colour, make sure you don’t sweep the brush above the crease of the eye lid to maintain a subtle look.

It’s also important to take note of the colour of your own eyes. Those with brown eyes can experiment with a variety of colours while those with blue eyes should avoid any eye shadow with blue-green undertones.

Creating a smokey eye leads to all sorts of tricky problems too. The perfect smokey eye should be a gradation of colour across the lid instead of a lid covered entirely in black.

After the dark colour has been carefully applied, the key to a natural camera-ready look is blending.

It's common for specks of eyeshadow to fall and land just beneath your eye, especially when doing a smokey eye. To avoid this, hold a small piece of cotton wool under your eye to shield your face from excess eye shadow powder.

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