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Dead to Me, Trying, Trial By Media and more new shows to stream this week

Dead To Me Netflix, available now


Dead To Me

Dead To Me

Dead To Me

Dead to Me

Impromptu use of Death Metal? Check. Creepy kid Shandy? Check. Judy's impossibly cute outfits and impeccable grooming despite being of no fixed abode? Check. So, is there anything new in Season 2? You know, apart from a new body that needs covering up?

Twenty four hours ago, Season 2 of Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini's candid ode to Thelma & Louise dropped and it's business as usual, complete with Jen and Judy's increasing need for sedation. I'm okay with that - consistency is appreciated in the current climate.

While still prone to the PMI (pointless musical interlude) and drunk-dance montage, there are fine additions to the cast including the alluring Natalie Morales, Six Feet Under's Frances Conroy, plus an appearance from Applegate's on-screen mother of yore. What viewers can expect from our increasingly inebriated protagonists is a welcomed vacation in the confines of our living rooms.

Fans are here for the glistening seascapes, the interiors, the trackie-clad Holy Harmonisers, and Jen's acerbic bouts of profanity, including such zingers as "Christ, Karen, you snuck up on me like a f***ing Prius."

Yes, it's absurd. Yes, you'll find yourself cringing, especially if isolating with someone who keeps audibly tutting. However, the sooner everyone accepts that it's Wysteria Lane with added F-bombs, the sooner you can settle in for this sun-drenched roller-coaster ride.


Amazon Prime, available now

Amazon’s streaming platform has much more than a flurry of films you never knew you needed (such as both Paddington movies). It’s also produced works of op-art, like Jordan Peele’s Hunters, a wildly insensitive fever dream set in the 1970s featuring the Fourth Reich. Sublime in its visual execution, the contrasts of lurid limes and sombre sepias — while arguably obvious — add to the overall pulp-comic vibe. With Logan Lerman (if Paul Rudd and Cillian Murphy procreated) and Al Pacino as leads, this obscene creation is worth a watch. Not for the faint hearted...


Apple TV+, available now

Behold another streaming platform available for well under a tenner a month, boasting a week-long free trial — and now its first ever British production. Trying is Apple’s antithesis to Sky-produced comedy Breeders, and attempts to glean humour from the plight of would-be parents. If this isn’t your bag, it’s worth remembering that Apple TV+ has the exceptional The Morning Show among its original portfolio.

Trial By Media

Netflix, May 11

In association with George Clooney’s Smokehouse Pictures, and directed by Skye Borgman (Abducted in Plain Sight), this new Netflix docuseries looks at how the introduction of televised coverage brought a new emphasis on creative storytelling and showmanship into the legal system. This six-parter explores the many ways in which the media has contributed to reshaping public perception before, during, and after a trial.

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Nailed It

Netflix, available now

Of all the premieres of late (Michelle Obama’s Becoming, Jerry Seinfeld’s 23 Hours To Kill to name but a few), why am I highlighting Season 4 of Nailed It? Well, you’ve obviously never seen Nicole Byer in action. Given its bite-sized 30 minute shows, packed with jeopardy, debacles and general joie de vivre — plus a $10k prize per episode — avid fans of GBBO will wonder where this has been all their lives. Lockdown binging perfection.

The Last Narc

Amazon, May 15

Docu-series following the 1985 murder of DEA agent Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena.

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