Wednesday 25 April 2018

Wrap up warm - temperatures set to drop as low as freezing tomorrow night

Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

It could be time to grab that extra blanket as temperatures are set to drop as low as freezing in some parts of the country tomorrow night.

Ireland’s fling with heat-waves has truly come to an end as temperatures have returned to ‘seasonal’ once again.

“The temperatures have returned to what’s normal for this time of year, giving us a real taste of autumn,” a Met Eireann spokesperson told the Irish Independent.

“It is normally 12-14 degrees at this time of year and that is what we have now.

“The winds today are also north-westerly, meaning we probably feel the chill a bit more.”

And the cool temperatures will continue with temperatures dropping as low as 3- 6 degrees Celsius tonight and 0-4 degrees tomorrow night.

“It will definitely be cold tonight,” the spokesperson said.

“So far in October we have been having temperatures of over 10 degrees overnight. These will drop significantly.”

But the heat from the past few weeks means that there is no threat of morning ground frost on the roads.

And, despite the drop in temperatures, the majority of the country should expect good spells of sunshine over the next few days.

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