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Tuesday 17 July 2018

Warning of 'hazardous conditions' as snow expected, icy temperatures to plunge to -4C

  • Drivers warned of snow and ice as temperatures plunge
  • Low temperature warning has expired - but snow-ice warning to take hold this evening
  • Snow-ice alert covers Dublin, all of Leinster, as well as Cavan, Monaghan, Donegal, Leitrim, Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary and Waterford
  • Forecast for the rest of the week: 'Cold, wintry and showery weather ahead'
Photo: Doug O’Connor
Photo: Doug O’Connor
A dog jumps into the air to catch a ball along the beach near Rossbeigh, Co Kerry, yesterday. Photo: Clodagh Kilcoyne
Casey Cloe Evans (4) from Drimnagh feeds the deer at Dublin’s Phoenix Park yesterday. Photo: Frank McGrath

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Motorists have been warned of "hazardous driving conditions" in the next 24 hours as Met Éireann issue a snow, ice and frost warning.

Two weather warnings have been issued by forecasters in the last 24 hours.

A low temperature warning was in place overnight, but has since expired. Temperatures will sink even further this evening as a snow-ice warning comes into place.

It will remain in effect from 6pm Monday evening until 6 Tuesday morning, when the worst of the icy conditions are expected to ease.

The alert covers Dublin and all of Leinster as well as Cavan, Monaghan, Donegal, Leitrim, Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary and Waterford.

Motorists and pedestrians have been warned to expect possible snow falls, ice and severe frost for the next two days.

Met Éireann forecaster Gerry Murphy told RTE Radio One Morning Ireland listeners that the snow will "not be excessive, but enough to cause disruption."

"The rain will move in from the west later today, and will turn into sleet and snow as it hits the east," Mr Murphy said.

"The snow-ice warning is for east Cork, Waterford and Tipperary in Munster, all of Leinster and Cavan, Monaghan and also Leitrim.

"We're expecting up to 3cm of snow, which is not excessive but enough to cause disruption.

"Significantly, once it clears we will see freezing behind it.

"The frost will make for hazardous driving conditions overnight and into the morning.

"Tomorrow morning will see wintry showers of sleet and snow," he continued.

"All areas will be very frosty overnight with the possibility of very hazardous driving conditions."

Gardaí and the Road Safety Authority (RSA) have also urged people to drive with extreme caution.

"Some areas will see snow showers, but there is also a serious risk of ice on many roads," a Garda source said.

"Motorists should be particularly wary of black ice if travelling over roads untreated with rock salt or grit."

Gardaí have advised road users to check local weather and traffic conditions and be aware of the conditions before setting out on a trip.

In a statement issued to media this afternoon, they wrote;

"Drivers should reduce speed and increase braking distances.

"Use dipped headlights at all times to ensure you are seen by other motorists.

"Watch out for vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists and allow extra space.

"Cyclists and motorcyclists check local road conditions and consider alternative transport where necessary.

"Pedestrians should walk on a footpath, not on the street. Walk on the right hand side of the road, facing traffic if there are no footpaths."

They have also advised motorists to clear their windows and mirrors before setting out, and to carry a screen scraper and a de-icer.

"Do not use hot water on the windscreen," they added.

"And do not leave your car with the engine running and unattended, as a number of car thefts occur every frosty morning."

The RSA urged commuters to allow extra time for journeys, to slow down, allow ample braking distances to vehicles in front, and to have warm clothing and proper safety equipment in case of any roadside incident.

Speaking about the week ahead, Met Éireann forecaster Mr Murphy said we are due for a "cold and unsettled" week.

"We are in for sharp frost at night and wintry showers at times," he said.

"Wednesday will start dry, but the rain will move in and towards the end of the week, we will have cold, wintry and showery weather on Thursday, Friday and into the weekend.

"Overall, it's a cold week in store."

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