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Tuesday 20 February 2018

UK to swelter in hotter weather than Hawaii for Olympic opener

After weeks of wet weather parts of the UK are finally enjoying fine summer weather
After weeks of wet weather parts of the UK are finally enjoying fine summer weather

Andrew Hough

LONDON is set to swelter in the hottest temperatures of the year on the eve of the Olympics, forecasters have said, with temperatures to be hotter than Hawaii.

But the Met Office predicted that Friday’s opening ceremony might be hit with heavy showers after several days of dry conditions.

After the wettest ever June, swathes of the south will bask in glorious weather on Tuesday with temperatures expected to hit 86F (30C) for the first time this summer.

High pressure and hot air from the tropics, will see the South enjoying more sunshine with predictions of the mercury rising even higher in parts.

The Met Office said Wednesday should see the thermometer climbing even higher to 87.8F (31C) somewhere in the south east of England with the recent heavy rains a distant memory.

Other forecasters, meanwhile, suggested the mercury could climb as high as 89.6F (32C). Northern areas in Britain are expected to be about seven degrees cooler.

Britain is expected to be hotter than a Honolulu, the Hawaiian capital, which will experience showers and highs of 80.6F (27C) highs on Tuesday and Wednesday.

So far this year the highest temperature has been 84.7F (29.3C), at Achnagart in the Scottish Highlands. That was in late May, technically springtime.

The intervening period has rarely seen temperatures exceed 77F (25C) with early summer proving exceptionally wet.

On Thursday and Friday, the Met said that temperatures would “drop” to about 80.6F (27C), in time for the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

While Danny Boyle's ambitious plans for the £27 million opening ceremony include clouds that will rain down over the stadium in Stratford, east London, there are hopes the much-anticipated event would otherwise stay dry.

But forecasters warned that while the day would be mainly dry and “very warm” there was a chance of showers in the evening and potentially “evening thunderstorms”.

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