Friday 22 November 2019

Sunshine in short supply as Ireland endures dullest January in 50 years

Brian Hutton

SOME parts of Ireland endured the dullest January in almost half a century, experts have revealed.

Sunshine was in shorter supply than usual at the start of the year, with below average levels recorded at weather stations throughout the country.

Dublin was particularly drab, according to Met Eireann's station at Casement Aerodrome, with less than 25 hours of sunshine during the entire month - making it the capital's dullest January since 1964.

In the west of Ireland, Knock braved its dullest January for 16 years.

Most parts of the country also experienced more rainfall than normal for the time of year, with the exception of pockets of the north west and the midlands.

Dublin was again among the worst-hit areas, with incessant downpours making it the capital's rainiest January - based on the number of days it rained - since 1980 and its wettest in five years, based on the amount of rainfall.

Weather stations in the midlands and the west also reported the wettest January in five years.

It rained 26 out of the 31 days in Kerry while Claremorris in Mayo had to put up with nearly double its average rainfall for January.

While it was wet throughout the country, there were mixed fortunes in terms of temperatures.

Most areas along the southern Atlantic coast experienced a milder than normal month, while the majority of areas in the midlands, north and east reported below average temperatures.

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