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Wednesday 26 June 2019

'Spring will have sprung' - Storm Erik on its way out as temperatures to soar to 15C next week

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Mícheál Ó Scannáil

Storm Erik was winter’s swan song as the spring is set to announce itself with temperatures of up to 15C next week, according to Met Éireann.

The storm, which caused considerable damage to the south and west of the country, has produced the most blustery of its weather according to John Eagleton. According to the Met Éireann meteorologist, the storm was winter's farewell as the spring rolls in next week.

"The stormy weather is gone but it will remain cold and bright this weekend with some heavy showers around the place maybe even some sleet,"he said.

"There’s still a bit of winter there but gradually getting into the spring next week and mainly dry. I think it will get more spring-like into the week and by the weekend spring will have sprung."

While Storm Erik is swiftly blowing itself away from Ireland, the country will still suffer the effects of its tail this weekend as squally showers and westerly wind will continue to blast the region.

Mr Eagleton said that while it will be partly clear, the weather will remain cold into the beginning of the week.

"It’s a bit cool and bright over the weekend and the winds are gradually dying down but there will be a few heavy showers around the place," he said.

"The showers will be mainly in the west and north through today and tomorrow. Temperatures will be in the region of 6C to 9C both days and there will be frost at night."

From Tuesday, however, the wintry conditions will ease and the mercury will rise to the mid-teens by the end of the week when spring will meteorologically-speaking begin.

"It’s fairly dry and it gets a bit milder for Tuesday and Wednesday.

"The winds will go south-westerly and there’s not really much rain after that. By next Friday temperatures could be up to 14C or maybe 15C next Friday getting towards the end of the week.

"It’s a good week next week. It’s a dry week gradually getting a bit milder but the rest of the weekend will be cold and showery but not as windy as last night."

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