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Relief from bitter cold on the way as mercury springs back

TEMPERATURES could hit a balmy 14C at the weekend, following weeks of bitterly cold weather.

Met Eireann said it expected a "big transition" in our weather from this weekend, with temperatures reaching up to 14C in Dublin and into double-digits for much of the country. But there'll be no need for sunblock. It will be overcast and raining in most places, with stiff breezes.

Forecaster Vincent O'Shea said while the weekend will be an improvement, the weather will be "disappointing" for the rest of the week.

"We will see a big transition from Saturday, moving into double figures of 12C or 13C. It looks like we're out of the woods from this bitter cold," he said.

"Dublin looks like faring pretty well, with some of the highest temperatures in the country expected, but it will be disappointing until then. There'll be rain and grey skies in most parts of the country, and there won't be much sun.".

"The winds will be fresh enough, and it will be mostly cloudy with rain everywhere," he said.

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