Monday 23 October 2017

Planning the Bank Holiday? Saturday's scorcher will be a one-off

Beach (Stock photo)
Beach (Stock photo)
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

If you’re planning your Bank Holiday weekend now, make Saturday your ‘beach day’.

The beginning of the June Bank Holiday will be the best of the weekend, with temperatures dropping and weather becoming more changeable on Sunday.

Temperatures nationwide are expected to be 20 degrees, and above in some places, on Saturday.

 “It’s set to be a nice, pleasant day,” a Met Eireann spokesperson told

“The sun is expected to shine, with only some cloudy periods. However, coastal areas in the west will be slightly cooler and cloudier and could expect some drizzle.”

Sunday could be a gamble at the seaside as rain is set to develop in the west on Sunday morning and spread across the country, reaching the east coast by lunchtime.

“The weather will still be mild and warm, but it is the start of unsettled weather  nationwide,” Met Eireann continued.

“The unsettled weather will continue into Monday and next week, with both sunshine and showers expected across the country.

“Temperatures will remain in the mid to high teens, however.”

And the ‘great weather during exams’ myth might not ring true in 2014 either.

At the moment, the weather chart is predicting changeable weather and plenty of rain next week.

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