Wednesday 24 January 2018

One last summer splash as good weather finally hits our shores

Breda Heffernan

JUST when we thought autumn had us well and truly in its grip, today most of the country will enjoy one of the best days of summer weather as temperatures soar to a balmy 22C.

That's just three degrees less that the hottest day of the official summer, which was in June.

But sun worshippers should make the most of this shortlived Indian summer as by the weekend it'll be back to the usual fare of rain and cold temperatures.

Yesterday's highest temperature of 21.4C was recorded in Co Roscommon while in Dublin it hit just over 20C. Maximum temperatures for this time of year are typically between 14-17C.

Met Eireann's John Eagleton described yesterday as "ice cream weather" and said there was more to come today.

"We are forecasting 22C for the east and north-east, particularly Dublin, Meath and Louth."

However, not everyone will experience this late summer blast and any plans for the beach could be ruined thanks to unpredictable sea fog that will roll ashore along some coastal areas. Mr Eagleton said the country will be divided in two, with those areas below a line from Dingle to Wexford reaching temperatures of just 17 or 18C and cloudy, damp and misty conditions. Those above 'the line' will experience 21-22C.

"It's been very good on the continent and the Mediterranean. We're getting a bit of that," he explained.

"The problem is the high pressure over the continent is that bit far away from us and fronts are edging in from the Atlantic and brushing up along the west coast leading to some murky conditions," Mr Eagleton added.

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