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No more snow: 'Short wintry spell' comes to an end as temperatures return to normal


A melting snowman lays in a park (Photo: Martin Gerten/DPA/AFP via Getty Images)

A melting snowman lays in a park (Photo: Martin Gerten/DPA/AFP via Getty Images)

DPA/AFP via Getty Images

A melting snowman lays in a park (Photo: Martin Gerten/DPA/AFP via Getty Images)

The recent downpour of snow which caused disruption in the west of Ireland is the last of a "short wintry spell" according to Met Éireann, who say the mercury will begin to rise again today.

Not only will temperatures return to normal this week, but they rise above the average for this time of year, according to the national meteorological service.

According to Harm Luijkx, a forecaster for Met Éireann, Ireland has seen the last of the snow, at least for as long as forecasters can predict.

"There's not too much happening anymore," he told Independent.ie.

HEAVY snow brought flights to a standstill at Knock Airport yesterday while a Status Yellow snow and ice warning is in place for the entire country until midday today.

"It's quite cold today and there are showers around but the vast majority of the showers are of rain.

"Temperatures are around 5C at the most so maybe the odd bit of sleet and hail in the west and the higher ground but showers for the rest of the day with the best for the sunshine in the east of the country.

"The first half of tonight will see just a touch of frost and temperatures will rise a bit overnight and by morning all the frost will be gone.

"The frost might return this weekend but as far as we can see the short wintry spell seems to be over."

As temperatures rise this week, so too will days continue to get longer, with Sunday the first day of the year with over nine hours of daylight - the sun beginning to rise on that day at 8.08am and setting at 5.09pm.

Mr Luijkx, said that by the end of the week, temperatures will be several degrees above normal for this time of year.

"Temperatures are normally around 6C to 9C so it will go from below normal to a bit above normal," he said.

"It will be a bit cloudier today, a bit duller and there will be patchy rain and drizzle but temperatures are going to go up to around 7C to 10C.

"The next days will be milder as well and the cold will be gone after today so we're back more to changeable weather with bands of rain at times and breezy at times, but no storms or anything and definitely milder than it has been over the last number of days.

"Temperature will be over 10C on Thursday and on Friday they could even reach 12C or 13C in some places and then they might drop back again.

"That's the end of the snow for the foreseeable future but the season will take a bit longer and you could have snow even in March, but for the foreseeable future that's it."

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