Monday 22 January 2018

No Indian summer, but Picnic fans will dodge the raindrops

A cyclist braves the rain in Dublin city centre
A cyclist braves the rain in Dublin city centre

Ciara Treacy and Sam Griffin

It comes as no surprise to hear it was a wet, windy and downright miserable Irish summer.

Last month saw record- breaking rain in some parts of the country, while nearly all weather stations nationwide experienced lower than average temperatures.

The review of the summer months by Met Éireann showed there were plenty of blustery days with wind speeds at their highest levels in at least six years.

There were some bright spots for Dubliners, with the capital recording the sunniest summer's day on June 10.

Both Dublin Airport and Casement Aerodrome recorded 15.7 hours of sunshine on that day.

The capital in June was also generally the driest part of the country with particularly 'dry spells' recorded between June 6 and 26.

At the other end of the country - and the spectrum - parts of the South experienced rainfall at 200pc the normal levels.

"The wettest day was July 6 at Cork Airport with 41.3 mm, its wettest summer day since 2008," the report revealed.

The seasonal wind speeds were the highest in at least six years at the majority of stations, with records of up to 41 years exceeded at Shannon Airport.

Gale-force winds were reported on no fewer than nine days.

On four of these days - June 1, June 2, July 17 and August 3 - they were classified as "severe".

Malin Head endured the season's highest 10-minute mean wind speed and the highest gust on June 1.

And it seems the doom and gloom is set to continue for the foreseeable, with dry weather the best we can hope for according to Met Éireann forecaster Hugh Daly.

He said that temperatures will remain low at the beginning of September and there is little hope of an Indian summer - though the dry spells will be music to the ears of those heading to the Electric Picnic festival this weekend.

Temperatures will be around 14-15C for most parts of the country.

"It will be mostly dry as the week progresses and it is mostly cool for this time of the year," the forecaster said.

"It will be dry from today onwards, good news for those going to Electric Picnic,"he added.

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