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Mother Nature teases us with a little sun, rising temperatures and more rain

IT’S summer...but it’s not really. While temperatures might even reach 22C today Met Eireann is warning that heavy possibly thundery rain may affect some places.

Ulster will fare worst with rain and patches of drizzle and fog, but drier, brighter spells are expected elsewhere.

More rain is coming in from the south tonight, but tomorrow will be warm and close.

Again there is the risk of heavy rain in places and there may even be thunder, but the good news is that temperatures could nudge up to 23C.

The outlook for the weekend is for cooler, fresher weather with breezy, showery conditions. Thursday will be slightly cooler and top temperatures on Friday will only reach 18C.

Heavy showers are in prospect for Friday with more showers on Saturday and a whole band of heavy showers on Sunday morning.

However, Sunday afternoon will clear up with sunny spells and very little rain, but temperatures will be below normal at 13C to 16C.