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Sunday 15 December 2019

More snow 'not on the horizon', but wintry temperatures to continue into next week- Met Éireann

Warming and relaxing near fireplace. Stock photo
Warming and relaxing near fireplace. Stock photo
Mícheál Ó Scannáil

Mícheál Ó Scannáil

THE below-average temperatures experienced this week will continue, but "snow is not on the horizon" heading into next week.

This week saw temperatures plummet to well below what is expected for this time of year, bringing with it remarkably early snow.

Met Éireann said that the low temperatures will continue into next week, but that they don't predict more snow until deeper into the year.

"It's going to stay quite cold over the weekend with frost at night," a forecaster told

"It's colder than average for the time or year. Temperatures around 5C or 6C are well below normal, and the amount of frost we'll get at night is also not what you see often at this time of year.

"You very rarely see it on this scale, and the snow as well was very unusual. There is no more snow on the horizon at the moment."

The sun will begin to set before 4.30pm this weekend, for the first time since mid-January, as the number of hours of daylight falls below 8.5.

Met Éireann said that this weekend will see cold temperatures during the day turn freezing at night as they plummet as low as -4C.

"Tonight, under the clear skies it will become cold with frost in most areas. There will be some fog with that as well," the forecaster said.

"Tomorrow that frost and fog will be slow to clear and then it will stay cold, around 3C-7C at best tomorrow. Later in the day then there will be some rain in the west of the country. The rest of the country will stay mostly dry.

"On Sunday it will start a bit dull with some patches of rain but it should brighten up everywhere and there will be a lot of dry weather with sunshine in places too. The wind won't be too bad wither. All the while though temperatures won't be too much better at just 7C or 8C in the afternoon."

The weather will start to become more normal for the time of year as next week progresses. As the temperatures becomes more mild however, rain will move in and the weather will get progressively wetter.

"For the early days of next week it will start mainly dry as well but on Tuesday, some rain will develop and then the rest of next week we'll see more unsettled weather with occasional spells of rain and showers," the forecaster said.

"Temperatures next week will gradually become more towards normal though - more like 10C or 11C.

"It looks like the driest day next week will be Monday and then it will gradually deteriorate and bring lots of showers."

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