Saturday 25 May 2019

Mixed weather for week to come - but there's sunshine on the horizon

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Mícheál Ó Scannáil

Bank Holiday revellers will have to make do with dry, but cold, weather as clouds roll in on Monday to cover Sunday’s sunshine.

According to Met Éireann, the Bank Holiday Monday will see a drop in temperatures as clouds cover the sun which is "masking the coldness of the air".

John Eagleton, a forecaster for the meteorological service, said that other than a few showers however, Monday will be dry.

"There’s still going to be a lot of dry weather," he said.

"Tomorrow will probably be a lot cloudier and there’ll be a few showers during the day but it will be basically a lot of dry weather tomorrow. There won’t be much change in temperature 9C to 11C, but because there’ll be a lot of cloud around it will feel cooler.

"If we didn’t have the sunshine it would be a bit chilly actually. The sunshine is masking the coldness of the air to some extent and I think there’ll be an increase in cloud tomorrow overall, particularly in the northern half of the country."

Temperatures will improve slightly into the beginning of the working week, but cloud will increase on Tuesday and Wednesday as mixed weather rolls in, according to Mr Eagleton.

"Through Tuesday and Wednesday, there will still be a lot of dry weather around," he said.

"Winds turn easterly in direction, but the cloud will increase overall and it will stay cold. Temperatures will only be 9C to 12C or maybe 13C. We won’t have as much sunshine and there will be rain in the south.

"There are bits and pieces of rain around for the week but when you add it all up, there’s probably not a great deal. You wouldn’t call it a dry week but you wouldn’t call it a wet week either."

The weather will continue to pick up at the end of the week however, and current indications suggest a gradual return to settled weather and more seasonal temperatures.

"Because it won’t be sunny all the time you’ll feel the coolness of the air. Up to next weekend temperatures will only be 11C or 12C," Mr Eagleton said.

"If you get a good bit of sunshine, it might get it up to 13C or 14C, but cloud will be increasing, so I’d say 11C or 12C many days will be the max.

"Early estimations of next weekend show more of the same. There’ll probably be a good deal of dry weather and probably a sight improvement in temperatures."

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