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It may be time to book a holiday... Met Éireann forecaster says 'no indication of summer weather ahead'


Here comes the rain... Stock photo (Deposit)

Here comes the rain... Stock photo (Deposit)

Here comes the rain... Stock photo (Deposit)

It may be time to book a holiday abroad - Met Éireann says the rain is set to continue and there is no indication of any "stable summer weather" ahead.

Forecaster Harm Luijkx said the current rainfall is unusual for this time of year - but did say the rain is due to ease off later this week.

However, temperatures will remain cool and there is no sign of a sunny summer on the horizon.

"It's not a good sign to get this weather in the summer," Mr Luijkx told Independent.ie.

"A low pressure area has developed over us and it's tracking across the Irish sea. There is a slight improvement next week, but there is no sign of any stable summer weather ahead.

"It is set to stay quite changeable and quite cool up to early next week. We can't look much further than that.

"The positive is we won't see the same amount of rain we saw today. They will be more showery in nature and with good, dry periods in between.

"But, no, no indication of any summer weather ahead."

The forecast for tomorrow is better, with showers and sunny spells predicted. However, Ulster will be bleaker with rain expected all day. North-westerly winds will bring a warmer day, with highest temperatures being 12 to 15 degrees.

Thursday brings a risk of thunder despite its sunny spells and showers. South Munster, south Leinster and the northwest will be worst affected by the rain, and may get hail and thundery downpours.

Moving into the night, north and northwestern areas will suffer more showers, but it will be clear-skied and dry elsewhere.

Thursday will be the coldest night this week, with lowest temperatures being four to seven degrees.

The rain will return on Friday, with some relief provided by bright spells in between.

Some heavy showers are predicted and thundery downpours are likely once again. Top temperatures will be between 14 to 17 degrees. A moderate southwest to west or variable breeze is predicted.

The weekend won’t improve, with fresh and cool weather in store. Showers will occur on both Saturday and Sunday, some of them heavy. However, Met Éireann say bright or sunny spells will also break through. Top temperatures will be between 11 and 15 degrees.

They only good news is for hay fever sufferers: pollen counts are set to stay low across the country.

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