Wednesday 17 January 2018

'I nearly got sick when I saw water everywhere'

Shane Hickey

BERNIE Byrne is facing the grim prospect of being unable to return to her newly renovated cottage in Co Carlow for at least another month.

The 49-year-old beautician had gone away for a few days after Christmas when she learned that a pipe had burst and destroyed a large part of the interior of the home where she has lived for 25 years.

She was only alerted to the damage from the water mains when her sister went in to turn on the heat.

"I nearly got sick when I walked in and there were two inches of water on the kitchen floor. My family were trying to mop it all up before I saw it, which they couldn't because there was too much."

Thousands of euro in damage had been caused to the extended cottage in Killerig, Co Carlow, after the cold weather conditions caused a new pipe in the attic to burst. And the extensive repairs required -- which include replacing the ceiling and replastering the walls -- mean it will be at least a month before Ms Byrne can move home.

"The water was coming down into the kitchen, the utility room, all down the chimney and into the hot press," she said.

"It must have been gushing for two or three days."

The damage has also prevented Ms Byrne from going back to work as she operates her beauty therapy business from home.

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